Entrepreneur vs Artist – Which One Are You?

For years my inner creative and my inner businesswoman were at WAR! Something as simple as getting dressed in the morning was one of my biggest struggles. I for one dislike traditional business attire but I wanted to be taken seriously if I stumbled across a networking/business opportunity.

While most view being a DJ as a fun job where I get to turn up a few nights a week, in reality I’m running my own business. The DJ world is very competitive and I’m completely responsible for branding, marketing, and booking myself. Most of the articles I would read about entrepreneurship discouraged me and I couldn’t figure out why.

One day while scrolling through Instagram a friend of mine posted the headline of an article Face It: You’re Not An EntrepreneurIt caught my eye because the post came from a friend of mine that started her own non-profit and an online shopping boutique. But it wasn’t just the title that got me, it was the article image!

via the8percent.com

via the8percent.com

I remember thinking to myself [OMG] I’m definitely the girl with the pink glasses and the feathered earrings. Does this mean I’m not an entrepreneur? Then what was I? It was time to face the music… The article goes on to say: 

If your Work is building, selling and buying businesses, you’re an entrepreneur. 

If your Work is the subject of your business—a passion for helping a particular group of people or around a particular product or subject, you’re an artist.

Still not sure?

Ask yourself this:

If someone offered you a reasonable amount of money for your business, would you sell it?

If the answer is a resounding “yes”—if you’d happily flip what you’ve got and take the money to go into the next thing—then chances are, you’re an entrepreneur.

If the answer is “no”—if you’d struggle to let go of the thing you’ve built, if it’s your passion, if you love your community and your employees—then chances are, you are NOT an entrepreneur.

Interesting, right? But wait, if you felt your heart drop a little (because of course who doesn’t want the cool “entrepreneur” title), you must know one is not better than the other! For example, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates are ARTISTS and Donald Trump and Mark Zuckerburg are ENTREPRENEURS. That should boost your confidence because all the gentleman above are definitely winning. Still not convinced? Check out the full article HERE.


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